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How much should you tip the bartender? Does the $20.00 bill trick really get you a better room? What about the cab driver who takes you through the tunnel? The city runs on tips or tokes and you don’t have to be a George or a King George to get good service.


Some options on booking your next trip... should you buy a package or go through a travel agent? How about booking on the internet? How do online travel agents work? What are Travel Search Engines? This guide can help you avoid some pitfalls.


Found this E-Brochure on the Slot and Video Poker Maker IGT’s website. It’s very interesting covering the evolution of the slot machine through modern times. They explain how the machines are linked together, the parts inside the various machines and even a picture of Amy Nishimura Hawaii’s second Megabucks winner. It even explains the slot machines math!


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